Day Camp Key Staff Feedback

Day Camp Key Staff,

The BSA National Camp Accreditation Program addresses the requirement for continuous camp improvement in areas such as program, equipment, marketing and communications. This survey, though lengthy will help us identify areas that have the potential for improvement. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey to help us meet objective AO-801. 

Please answer the questions that apply to you. Additional feedback from the day camp chair and program chair will be requested at the day camp meeting in August.


0 - No response / not applicable
1 - Very Satisfied
2 - Satisfied
3 - Dissatisfied
4 - Very Dissatisfied

If you rate anything a 3 or 4, please write in suggestions for how we can improve that area. Include things we should keep doing.

Registration Feedback

Online registration
Registration open/close dates
Early registration promotional items (caps)
Day camp website pages for participants on district/council sites
Day camp advertising and promotions


This section typically applies to the day camp chair.  Include feedback on ordering, quality, pick-up, returns and colors.

Consumables (e.g., crafts)
Gifts (e.g., water bottles, string packs, carabiners)
Patches (day camp and shooting sports)
Quartermaster equipment (non consumable)
Shooting sports equipment and training
T-shirts and staff polo shirts


Tiger program
Wolf program
Bear program
Webelos - 4th grade program
Webelos - 5th grade program
Sibling (tot, girls) program
Sports program


Day camp meetings
Staff Development Workshop
Day camp website for camp directors
Council staff support
Camp inspections

Day Camp Resources

With a five-year plan of rotating themes (beach; space; heroes; Texas; jungle), we have been able to add more resources each year.

Check all the resources that your day camp staff and unit leaders feel we should continue to develop for next year's camp.


Council Day Camp Sub-Committees

If you would be willing to serve on one of the council day camp committees next year, please list your name, email and committee you are interested in serving (e.g., Cub program, Webelos program, sibling program, tot lot program, sports committee, shooting sports committee, quartermaster committee, t-shirt committee, promotions committee, patch/t-shirt design, supplies committee).

You can also sign-up to volunteer at the August day camp meeting or by contacting next year's council day camp chair.


Thorns and Roses


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