This website is a resource for the Sam Houston Area Council day camp key staff. 

Council Day Camp Meetings

The district day camp chairs and program chairs meet throughout the year at the Cockrell Scout Center or virtually as needed at 7:00 pm.


Upcoming Meetings Agenda Highlights
February 12, 2022 Day Camp Directors Staff Development Workshop
If you missed the first training on January 22nd, this is another opportunity to attend the mandatory for all camp and program directors (part of NCAP certification training) being held at the Cockrell Scout Center.


2022 Theme: Texas Wild



Quick Resource Links

Resources Description
Meeting Notes Meeting minutes, notes, and resources
Program Options Cub Scout Adventures for 2022
National Day Camp Standards 2022 printing of the NCAP standards manual. Bring a copy to the monthly meeting.

Social Media

Help the council promote Scouting this summer on social media. We are excited to share that each camp will be given two social media frames. Please make these available for parents to take pictures of their Scouts at dropoff and pickup. Encourage den leaders to text pictures of the Scout to the parents to post.

Consider making additional social media frames. Parents will likely want to take more than one picture.  Arne's Warehouse (2830 Hicks St, Houston, TX 77007) has styrofoam social media frames (for ~$9) that make assembling a rocket-themed social media frame easy.  Just wrap the frame in a space table covering, add some space decorations (both available at Arne's), and add some yellow scrapbooking stickers that say Day Camp and #ScoutingInfluencer #LaunchtheAdventure #RelaunchScouting.

If you need assistance posting pictures to your district Facebook page, contact