T-shirt Order Form

April 24, 2018: First t-shirt order due
May 14, 2018: Final t-shirt order due

A reasonable number of extra shirts can be ordered after the first t-shirt deadline, if needed

T-shirt returns will receive partial credit, but please do not over-order huge amounts thinking you will simply return them, or we will end up with too many extras that we can't redistribute. Order a few extras in the most common sizes. If you end up short, don't worry as extra shirts will be available or can be made, if needed.

If this order is a supplemental order for additional shirts, only include the additional shirts needed, NOT the grand total. 

Returns:  Shirts should be returned no later than the Monday after camp for partial credit. Submit numbers using the t-shirt return form.


2018 Estimated Costs

  • $3.00 for Youth XS through Adult XL
  • $5 for Adult 2XL
  • $6 for Adult 3XL
  • $7 for Adult 4XL
  • $8 for Adult 5XL
  • ~$14 for staff polos regular sizes

2018 T-Shirt Colors

  • Yellow - Cubs
  • Light Blue - Youth Volunteers (ages 11-18)
  • Sports Gray - Adult Volunteers
  • Red - Key Staff


Camper T-shirts

For Cub Scouts, Webelos, Tot Lots and Girls (5th grade and under)

Special Orders for Campers

(no returns, no last minute orders)

Intended for Cub Scouts / Webelos that need larger size shirts.

Youth Volunteer T-shirts

For youth 6th grade - age 17 (den chiefs and junior staff).

Adult Volunteer T-shirts

Key Staff T-shirts