This website is a resource for the Sam Houston Area Council day camp key staff. 

Council Day Camp Meetings

The district day camp chairs and program chairs meet throughout the year at the Cockrell Scout Center or virtually as needed at 7:00 pm.


Day Camp Registration

Draft registrations were copied from each district's link from last year.

  1. Review the day camp page on your district website (under activities tab). Submit any corrections.
  2. Review Submit any corrections.
  3. Review the draft registration link. Review the dates, location and contact email, test all the registration types, and review the pricing including early registration discount amount and date, late fee amount and date. Submit any corrections. When registration is ready to go live, let us know.
  4. Verify your camp location on Google maps. Submit any corrections.
  5. For registration support, contact

Registration Feedback / Submit Corrections

Draft Registration Links: David Crockett, Raven
Live:  Apollo, ArrowheadArrowmoon, Big CypressCoastal PlainsFlaming ArrowGeorge StrakeIron Horse, Lone StarMustang, OrionPhoenixRed WolfSan JacintoTexas SkiesThunder WolfTwin Bayou

Early registration discounts (if offered) ends 3/31/2024.
Late fees (if applicable) shouldn't begin before three weeks before camp. Late fees can be turned off or the date changes if no one has paid it, so watch for this. Late fees don't apply to Tigers as many packs are recruiting in the spring.
Registration closes two weeks before camp. The camp director can request an extension of the registration close date, if needed, but we advertise two weeks out for planning purposes. With camp director approval, Scouts can be added until the day of the event, if you have space. Adults can be added until one week before the event due to the required background check.


Program Approval

Due April 20, 2023

The day camp program is to be approved by the camping (day camp) committee.

               Submit Program Approval Form

Range Master Training

Range master trainings are now open. Find upcoming classes at

2023 Theme: Jungle Trek


          Jungle Theme Ideas


Jungle-themed placemats can be to used as a gathering activity to help promote day camp. Print one-sided to two-sided. Before printing, insert the date, time, location and web URL of your district day camp on page 2.

​​      8.5 x 11 Placemat      8.5 x 14 Placemat

Jungle Theme Song Book

The songbook should be printed front to back and then cut in half. The cover should be customized with the camps name on the cover and the district Facebook page and website on the back cover before printing on card stock paper. Staple the book at the fold. 

        Songbook       Cover


Quick Resource Links

Resources Description
Meeting Notes Meeting minutes, notes, and resources
Program Options Cub Scout Adventures for 2023  (not yet updated)
National Day Camp Standards 2022 printing of the NCAP standards manual. Bring a copy to the monthly meeting.

Social Media

Help the council promote Scouting this summer on social media. We are excited to share that each camp will be given two social media frames. Please make these available for parents to take pictures of their Scouts at dropoff and pickup. Encourage den leaders to text pictures of the Scout to the parents to post.

Consider making additional social media frames. Parents will likely want to take more than one picture.  Arne's Warehouse (2830 Hicks St, Houston, TX 77007) has styrofoam social media frames (for ~$9) that make assembling a rocket-themed social media frame easy.  Just wrap the frame in a space table covering, add some space decorations (both available at Arne's), and add some yellow scrapbooking stickers that say Day Camp and #ScoutingInfluencer #LaunchtheAdventure #RelaunchScouting.

If you need assistance posting pictures to your district Facebook page, contact