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The BSA Day Camp Administration Guide recommends on page 38 that councils develop a five-year theme cycle. In 2013, the council day camp program committee chose the following theme cycle: Texas/western, jungle, beach, space and hometown heroes. The themes were chosen based on the following:

• generic (can be adapted by various camps in different ways)
• does not exclude (a.k.a, a lot of youth do not like sports, science, bugs)
• appeals to Scouts in our area (e.g., Texas, space)
• easy to decorate (i.e., supplies readily available at local party stores)
• ideal for coordinating blue and gold banquets (e.g., easy to decorate, program ideas available, good for creating promotional placemats)
• age-appropriate
• supplemental materials (e.g., skits, songs, tot lot activities) are readily available (e.g., Baloo's Bugle)
• royalty-free graphics are available
• no copyright issues

♦ 2017 - Jungle
♦ 2016 - Texas / Western 
♦ 2015 - Hometown Heroes
2014 - Space
2013 - Beach