T-shirt Order Form

April 19, 2017: First t-shirt order due
May 6, 2017: Final t-shirt order due

A reasonable number of extra shirts can be ordered after the first t-shirt deadline, if needed

T-shirt returns will receive partial credit, but please do not over-order huge amounts thinking you will simply return them, or we will end up with too many extras that we can't redistribute. Order a few extras in the most common sizes. If you end up short, don't worry as extra shirts will be available or can be made, if needed.

If this order is a supplemental order for additional shirts, only include the additional shirts needed, NOT the grand total. For example, the original order was for 100 shirts, and 50 more are needed, then list 50 shirts (not 150).

Returns:  Shirts should be returned no later than the Monday after camp for partial credit. Submit numbers using the t-shirt return form.

2017 Estimated Costs

  • $3.00 for Youth XS through Adult XL
  • $5 for Adult 2XL
  • $6 for Adult 3XL
  • $7 for Adult 4XL
  • $8 for Adult 5XL
  • Approximately $14 for staff polos regular sizes

2017 T-Shirt Colors

  • Lime Green - Cubs
  • Tan - Youth Volunteers (ages 11-18)
  • Sports Gray - Adult Volunteers
  • Sky Blue - Key Staff


Camper T-shirts

For Cub Scouts, Webelos, Tot Lots and Girls (5th grade and under)

Special Orders for Campers

(no returns, no last minute orders)

Intended for Cub Scouts / Webelos that need larger size shirts.

Youth Volunteer T-shirts

For youth 6th grade - age 17 (den chiefs and junior staff).

Adult Volunteer T-shirts

Key Staff T-shirts

Key Staff Polo Shirts

After hitting the submit button below, please allow about one minute for processing.  A message will then pop up letting you know your information was submitted.