Day Camp Promotions

Promotional Tools

Promote Dates

  • Ensure that the day camp dates are included on the district calendar (paper and online versions). The district calendar is finalized by the February district committee meeting for 18-months out.


  • Keep information up to date on the day camp page on the district website. Submit updates to the district webmaster or council webmaster.
  • Put the URL for the district day camp page on all communications.
  • Day camps are not allowed to have an independent website.
  • Check the information on:


  • Distribute fliers to units at roundtable and district events. Customizable, themed fliers are available.

District Newsletter

  • Submit articles to the district communications chair about day camp to be included in district newsletters.

Social Media

  • Request that the district communications chair post pictures and articles about day camp on the district Facebook page and other district social media sites.
  • Request that the district communications chair create a Facebook event for day camp on the district Facebook page.


  • Keep the district committee updated on day camp and solicit suggests for promotions.
  • Ask district committee members to promote day camp.
  • Ask unit commissioners to promote day camp to their assigned units.
  • Have displays at roundtable and district events.
  • Have a presentation/display at May Program Preview for next year's day camp.
  • Talk about day camp to everyone (one-on-one interaction and personal invitations are key).
  • Ask all key staff to promote day camp and talk about day camp to everyone.
  • Conduct promotions at blue and gold banquets.
  • Make sure packs utilize the free promotional placemats at their blue and gold banquet.
  • Utilize local media (e.g., community newspaper), if appropriate.


  • Day camps are not allowed to have their own Facebook page per the SHAC social media policy. Please utilize your district's Facebook social media sites to promote day camp.

♦ An event must be presented at least seven times before it sounds important.
♦ Remember KISMIF (Keep it simple, make it fun) can also mean “Keep it secret, make it fail.”
♦ "A flyer or sign is not an ask. An ask is a personal connection." -Gary Butler
♦ "We have to use technology to get youth away from technology and outdoors."-Steve Deitz
♦ "It is more important than ever to deliver great Scouting experiences." -Stephen Medlicott