Quartermaster Order

All non-consumable equipment is ordered through the council quartermaster committee. The council maintains equipment for district and council events at various locations around the council.  The council is divided into quartermaster zones which are different from the divisions.​

It is important that all of the equipment that is checked out is returned. Please take good care of the equipment and report any broken equipment. 

Shooting Sports Equipment

Important: If shooting sports equipment is needed, please contact the head range master before requesting any equipment. The range master will order the shooting sports equipment; however, they will likely need some equipment from the council quartermaster team (e.g., barricade fencing, targets, t-post, t-post driver, tables and quivers (small parking cones).

Request Shooting Sports Equipment

Request Quartermaster Equipment




Equipment Drop-off and Pick-up

Equipment drop-off and pick-up will be on specific dates.


Supplies located at Cockrell Scout Center

The following supplies must be picked up at the Cockrell Scout Center.


A leatherworking kit includes hammers, stamps, and water bottles for 12 youth.

A walkie talkie kit comes with 8 walkie talkies and chargers.

Range Supplies




Do not include eye wear for shooting sports. Goggles are included with the shooting sports request.

Health and Safety






Other Items and Comments


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