Beach Theme

Promotional Placemats

Placemats:  Free, customizable placemats are available for packs to use at blue and gold banquets and den leaders to use during den meetings to help promote day camp. Send these your leaders.

​​8.5 x 11 Placemat   





The fliers are in Microsoft Word and should be customized before distributing.

One page flier (black and white)          Tri-fold flier (black and white)     Tri-fold flier (color) coming soon      


Blue and Gold Banquet

Beach themed blue and gold banquet ideas: .pdf or .docx

Beach Theme - Blue and Gold Banquet (.pdf)         Beach Theme - Blue and Gold Banquet (.docx)


Skits, Songs, Ceremonies and More

Beach themed skits, songs, ceremonies and more to use at camp: .pdf or .docx

Beach Theme Ideas (.pdf)         Beach Theme Ideas (.docx)



Visit our beach themed Pinterest boards on the council Pinterest page.  Please submit link ideas to

Beach Theme Pinterest Board