Reminders and Best Practices

Medical Forms


  • Submit patch ideas to the council day camp chair by October.
  • Camp participation patches are a one-time order. Patches are ordered based on your request. 
  • Submit the order at
  • Extra patches can be requested after the deadline; however, they may not be available.  
  • Please let the council know if you have any extra patches by submitting the form at You will get credit for any patches that another camp is able to use.
  • Patches are picked up at the council office.


  • Send any program ideas/improvements to the council day camp chair before the September day camp meeting.
  • The program will be available at the Day Camp Workshop in December/January.


  • Bring a large vehicle and several volunteers to pick up supplies.


  • All youth must be registered Scouts. The only exception are children who are not eligible to be members (tot-lot).


  • Camps will vote on t-shirt colors.  Each camp gets one vote.